Merchant Services

Merchant services are authorized financial services. It allows a business to accept credit card or bank debit card transactions using online ordering or point of sales systems. So, to use a merchant service, a business must obtain a merchant account. The account accepts customer credit cards and electronic payments through an electronic commerce Website. 

Our company provides the maximum approval rating and some of the lowest rates in the merchant service industry. Moreover, it vastly knows all the ways to acquire a merchant account for a forex brokerage. We deal with solutions like accepting all major credit cards, automated current-rate conversions. We also provide integration with many popular merchant providers.

Your traders can transact instant deposits into MT4 and MT5 for immediate trading when you utilize our merchant service. You are also provided a choice in our Trader’s Room. To either passes the merchant fee on the trader as an accessibility payment or charge it to yourself as an expenditure.

With the use of merchant services, you can reduce double entry to zero. It reduces your time spent in operations. It provides account access from mobile or tablet devices. So, it saves time by enabling traders to provide personal information.

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